Concert pour la Syrie

Saturday, March 16, 2013 - 20:00

Concert pour la Syrie

Samedie 16 mars 2013 à 20 heures


Musique européenne des XVIIe et XVIIIe siécles


Èglise St. Dominique, Metro Defnert-Rochereau

20, rue de la Tombe Issoire, 75014 Paris



A Christmas Letter to the Friends of the community al-Khalil, Deir Mar Musa


Arcangel Gabriel

Here is the Angel Gabriel who carries the Good News to my saddened country, in a time in which all his children need a new birth ; icon by Nada Sarkis.




Sunday Mass 30 december 2012

Letter to the Friends of al-Khalil Community at Sulaymaniya, November 23rd, 2012

Deir Maryam el-Adhra, Sulaymaniah, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Letter to the Friends of al-Khalil Community

November 23rd, 2012

Dear Friends,


Houla, 29. May 2012

Mariyam al-Aadhra Church, Sulaymaniya-Iraq, 29 May 2012
Last Friday and Saturday, I watched with complete bewilderment the news. I asked myself sincerely if this is the same country that I have known for nineteen years and in which I lived ten years. Was it really the same country I left some months ago for my new mission here in Kurdish Iraq.


Deir Mar Musa: News about F. Paolo Dall'Oglio

Dear Friends,

We greet all of you and thank you for your solidarity. We called today Father Paolo who is at the moment in the town of Qsayr and has confirmed to us that he is staying well.

We tell you this because in Syria there is ciculating an sms message that a monk was injured the town of Qsayr. We hope that it is just a hoax and if it should be true we wish the to us unknown hurt monk, as all injured of Syria, a swift recovery and a total restoration of health.



To our dear friends on the occasion of Easter 2012


Translation from Arabic

Easter comes after a year of untold suffering, unpredictable and unimaginable for most of us. Unfortunately, what we wrote on the same occasion a year ago still applies to the current situation of our unhappy country. At that time, we had expressed our solidarity with the victims of the conflict and our participation in the expectation of those who were hoping for a deep reform of Syria without falling into the logic of violence, and fearing the explosion of civil war and loss of national unity. Misfortune has reached us and we fear the worst.


Christmas Letter from Iraqi Kurdistan

h1 class="western">Christmas Letter from Iraqi Kurdistan

Kirkuk, December 20th, 2011

Dear friends,

Thank you again for the warm welcome I received this fall from the Swiss and Italian members of the associations of friends of our monastic community. It felt good to have you near. Many thanks also for your numerous expressions of solidarity in these turbulent times for the Middle East. Our website's statistics and our “inbox” that you are following us attentive, thank you! The Middle East, and especially Syria, really needs much prayer and solidarity. We are witnessing a continuous rise of violence, and we cannot but call with all our energy to non-violence and reconciliation.


Interview by Victor Edwin SJ


Mar Musa or Deir Mar Musa al-Habashi literally The Monastery of Saint Moses the Abyssinian is a monastic community Syriac Catholic rite, situated near the town of Nabk, approximately 80 kilometers north of Damascus. Paolo Dall’Oglio SJ is the leader of this community and Sebastien Duhaut is an inmate of the monastery. Both Paolo and Sebastien tell Victor Edwin SJ about the present situation in Syria for Jivan. Read interview...


Christmas call 2011

Dear brothers and sisters,

Peace, love, solidarity and reconciliation, from our Savior,

We deemed appropriate to write you about the service of reconciliation, because we consider it part of our sacred duty and charisma. We retain that, in the treatment of the current tragic situation, adopting any non-evangelical project or trespassing, for any reason, the ethnics of our Messiah, or the positions of his most pure Mother, or the tradition of the disciples and apostles in the original church, is forbidden to us.



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